Tom Hardin Tipper X Advisors LLC

Compliance Training

Tipper X Advisors LLC engages with investment companies that seek to enhance their compliance culture beyond traditional employee training. As a complement to an existing legal and regulatory program, Tom shares his own experience and perspective as a way for compliance leadership to get increased buy-in from the front-line staff for their compliance initiatives.


"The Inside Story of Tipper X"

Riveting. Emotional. Entertaining. Inspiring. Through vivid storytelling, Tom shares his journey down the slippery slope into criminal activity and the impact it had on friends and family. He discusses the psychological traps which pulled him into a spiral of rationalization. Tom takes the audience on an authentic journey of opportunity and temptation, one that mirrors that of so many young professionals who have found themselves employed on Wall Street. Tom conveys his experience in a way that is both engaging and informative. Starting with the smallest, seemingly harmless decisions, crossing the line between questionable and illegal is both deceptively easy and incredibly costly.  It is a cautionary tale fraught with suspense, career destruction and ultimately finding a higher purpose.